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Homeowners Insurance

What Is a Homeowner’s Insurance Designed For?

A homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to reimburse homeowners for the cost to repair damage to home should the damage be the result of a covered 'peril' – which means, the reason or the cause of the loss.

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy generally covers homeowners for the following perils:


  • Fire        

  • Lighting                    

  • Smoke            

  • Vehicle Damage                   

  • Freezing Rain                    

  • Explosions

  • Theft or Vandalism

  • Falling Objects

  • Windstorms       

  • Sudden & Accidental Tearing Apart, Cracking 

  • Civil Unrest

  • Damage from water overflowing.

  • Volcanic Eruption        

  • Damage caused by the weight of fallen ice or snow                

  • Aircraft Damage

Homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers the home’s contents, although there may be more restrictions involved with the contents of a home.

Perils Generally Excluded from Insurance Policies

The following partial list details some of the standard perils excluded from standard home insurance policies -

  • Negligence

  • Power Failure

  • War

  • Flood damage or Earthquake

  • Nuclear Accidents

If you live in and around the Jersey Shore area and would like to speak with us regarding the homeowners insurance we offer, call us today at 732-528-7200 or contact us by email or use our online form. Here at Coastwide Insurance, we will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs.

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