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Personal Insurance

What is Personal Insurance?

There are hundreds of specialty insurance products that are designed to protect your home, rental property, vehicle and other valuable personal assets. This category of insurance falls under what is called personal insurance. Personal insurance is the collective name for the various types of insurance products that are available to cover the personal items you may own. Personal insurance usually contains several subcategories like auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance. disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. In general, personal injury protection coverage covers reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses when an insured is involved in a covered loss, as well as additional expenses while you’re healing. 

If you are looking for personal insurance coverage for your home, automobile or health, speak with us, here at Coastwide Insurance. Here at Coastwide Insurance, Coastwide strives to offer you quality insurance coverage, a high level of professional service and a long-term relationship. We’ll research rates and coverage from top insurance companies to find the best rates and insurance plans for you.

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