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Umbrella Policy

Buying Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy is designed to cover life's more complicated - what if moments! An Umbrella Policy provides additional liability coverage over and above typical insurance policy limits. Umbrella coverage begins where the standardized limits of current insurance policies leave off. This thereby extends the protection limits offered by an insurance company.

For example –

  • What happens if you are in a car accident that severely injures several people?

  • What would be the consequences if your dog bit someone living in your neighborhood?

Most standard insurance policies would not necessarily cover these costs involved in these events; however, an umbrella policy would.

However, it is noted that umbrella insurance policies typically begin its coverage limits at a minimum of $1 million.

Do you believe an umbrella policy would be an excellent addition to your current coverage? Give us a call at Coastwide Insurance at 732-528-7200 or contact using our online form.

Make sure your family is taken care of, call for a quote today!
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